Post natal depression November 25

Let’s Talk About That Baby

Let’s Talk About That Baby. A real article that confronts the topic of PND for what it is, honestly, so please give it a read. My thanks to the blog author,┬áRobin Riedstra, who although I’ve only found recently, I’ve been super interested in her articles because of their honesty and interesting subjects, so keep up […]

pom-pom-pillows November 19

Wanna give your creative business a HUGE boost?

You’ve got to subscribe to ‘tickle the imagination’ TODAY so you don’t miss out on this one! For under $50 you get your crafty BFF the gift that keeps on giving all year – and it’s a great excuse to catch up! Get together each issue and get crafty and creative together. You can pre-organise […]

christmas-decorations November 16

Proud mama…

So very proud of my styling project that my boy helped me with… I was organising my Christmas Decorations shoot and this is what he helped with! Not bad for a 10-year-old!

Mrsjonesvintage-gift-guide November 15

Do you know about ‘The Grommet’…

Have you checked out The Grommet? The Grommet is an awesome online store that launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed – Grommets. Grommets aren’t just things. Grommets are products with a purpose invented by people with stories.   A Grommet is an innovative, unique product that is created by a Maker with a story […]

vintage-woman-telephone November 13


just thought I’d share my ‘meh’ day today. quick and simple. as my regular readers know I’ve had back problems that caused me to be hospitalized and I’m now on the long road to rehab. now I have a ‘hooray’ moment – I’ve been accepted into the pain clinic officially. and seriously, honestly and truly […]

subscribe-today-and-receive-a-free-necklace November 10

Freebie Alert! Subscribe to tickle the imagination…

  Hello Darlings! I just wanted to let you know that Issue 17 of ‘tickle the imagination’ is now out in your local newsagent! And if you can’t find a copy, please let me know and I’ll get right onto making sure they start stocking it or stocking more! If you’ve read my previous post […]

pregnant-woman-and-husband November 06

16 – 22nd November is PND Awareness Week…

Postnatal Depression Awareness Week is 16-22 November. Help raise awareness and reduce the stigma. Ahhh, pregnancy… do you remember yours fondly? Perhaps yours was awful and filled with illness and worry? Perhaps everything was great, until you started worrying and feeling depressed? Or perhaps everything was fine until about 6 weeks after you’d settled back […]

this-is-war-sponsor-pack November 05

Some Vintage Goodness I’m Sending Out…

Just thought you’d enjoy a little pop of vintage goodness. Over at ‘With Love, Mrs Jones’ my event management business I’m 5 months out from a biggish event that I’m running called ‘This Is War!’. I’ve gone and themed it all WWII and today I’m beginning to send out Sponsor Packs to the lucky businesses […]

Mrs Jones Vintage Thanksgiving November 03

Giving Thanks or ‘Friendsgiving’…

I’m now featuring on and here is the article we’ve published for November – An Aussie Thanksgiving! This month I thought I’d share a tradition my family has taken on – Thanksgiving. Not the American kind, but a very special Aussie kind that is much less stress, more fun and heaps easier than all […]

Wolf man vintage Halloween October 30

A Very Vintage Halloween…

Hello Little Ones, Being Australian we really don’t do Halloween, although this isn’t stopping every major retailer from here to Tasmania giving their October marketing dollar a red hot run. So rather than spend the whole (I’m only spending a small portion) post bitching about it I shall share some gorgeous Halloween vintage photography with […]


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